w Gulf Coast Championships


10 Open

11 Open


Home Run

- Yahir Perez (American Legends)

Home Run

- Andrew Lsonhood (STX Makos)

Home Run

- Adiadas National

Flame Thrower

- 1st Rylan Simons (American Legends)

- 2nd Jacob Fliecher (Premier Futures Aja)

Flame Thrower

- 1st Jojo Salinas (Citrus HTX)


Flame Thrower

- 1st David Gutierrez (Full Force)


Around the Horn

- 1st American Legends

- 2nd Premier Futures Ajs

Around the Horn

- 1st Citius HTX


Around the Horn

- 1st Savad


Base Running

- 1st Texas Sting

- 2nd Texas Ballerz Red

Base Running

- 1st Starz


Base Running

- 1st Adidas National





July 23rd (Thursday) — Pool Play

— Baseball USA Location: 14U, 13AA, 11U, 9U, 7U

— League City Location: 13Open, 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U
— Two
pool games in the morning


July 24th (Friday)

— Pool Play continues

— Skills Competitions will be held at each park at these times

July 25th (Saturday) — Bracket play

July 26th (Sunday) — Bracket play finishes!



Player Social & Skills Competitions:

SKILLS COMPETITION will follow opening ceremonies

SKILLS COMPETITION DETAILS: The overall objective of the skills competition is to have every player on each team participate and enjoy the social interaction of this tremendous event.  Awards will be presented to the champion and runner-up in each age division in each skills competition.